Thursday, February 02, 2006

Baffled By Bozzio

While I may have heard of the name Terry Bozzio in the past, I don't think it has ever really meant much to me. From now on it will.

0306 Terri Bozzio1.Jpg?0I was initially drawn in by the ridiculously large drum set he has. And, admittedly, I was skeptical with regard to his musicality. All doubt was erased, however, when I saw the first of many videos of him playing on the Vic Firth website “Artist Feature.” Very cool stuff.

Evidently he is way into solo melodic drumming, which is why the huge drum set. It looks to my untrained eye that he has very good technique. Further, he has an excellent sense of musicality. Fun to listen to, and probably more fun to watch.

This will have me on the lookout for a CD.
Here is his personal site. Here is an interview with Modern Drummer.

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