Friday, November 25, 2005

adidas_1 goes 1.1

Computers in shoes. Now we have really done it.

Actually this is a pretty cool thing. I helped out (was paid to help out) with the staging and product launch of the adidas_1 shoe. It was one of the cooler shows I ever worked on. Personal insight aside, though, this product is pretty innovative.

They have a computer in the shoe that tells a servo motor how much force to exert to determine the hardness/softness of the sole. It changes on the fly, so when you go from a paved road to a sidewalk to a grassy knoll the shoe changes its cushioning with changes to the running environment.

Anyway, there is a very cool flash presentation over at the adidas_1 site where you can check out all the features of the adidas_1 1.1

Have fun, but its best with broadband.

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