Thursday, November 24, 2005

Top 10 Things To Do When Your XBox 360 Is Dead

10. Open the nearest window (opening is optional), account for trajectory and velocity, then hope it grows wings.

9. Use the heat from the unit to re-warm the Thanksgiving leftovers.

8. Use the power supply as a substitute football for the annual family game.

7. Spray paint the unit orange, and use as a traffic cone.

6. Drop from a very high place to see if terminal velocity is really all its cracked up to be.

5. Get a refund, give half to the poor, the other half invest in Google stocks. In a few months, buy the PS3 with the profits.

4. Remember those AOL disks... ?

3. That wireless controller might make a good hackie-sack.

2. Try putting Linux on it.

1. I am poor. (See #5)

This post is entirely humor. Do not attempt these things unless you actually want to destroy your Xbox 360. I actually am poor. Do not invest in any stock without proper research and advise. Any damage done to any persons or property as a result of your actions is your responsibility, and the writer of this post does not accept any liability for your actions.

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