Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Brazilian Version of NASCAR

Stock car racing is not just for the US. Formula 1 Racing is huge here in Brazil, but Stock Car Brasil is big as well.

I have only had the opportunity to watch a couple of events, but I find the racing to be much more intense than NASCAR. I think the primary reason is that it is not strict circle track racing. The tracks are very similar to (if not the same venues) the F1 tracks.

The actual cars are different from NASCAR as well. They are smaller. Chevrolet Astra, and the Mitsubishi Lancer are the only models that are raced. The side windows are shut, and the doors open (swing-up style).

There are two classes of cars: The V8, and the V8 Light. The basic difference is 100 HP, and 500 RPM, with the V8 class having up to 450 HP at 6000 RPM, and the V8 Light being 350 HP at 5500 RPM. The displacement of the engines is 5.7 liters (350 cubic inches).

Having been in Brazil quite some time, I am used to the driving by now (most of the time), but the first few days here are always an interesting adjustment, as everyone seems to think it is a race to the next stoplight. I might work up another post about day to day driving here, but suffice it to say at this point that its similar to a NASCAR race--lots of close calls.

Stock Car Brasil website.

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