Monday, November 28, 2005

How do you back up your photos?

I, for a long time, did not have any form of backup plan for any of my files. That changed when the person on the phone with me said something like, “From what it sounds like, you could loose all your files. Your hard drive could go any moment.”

After thinking for a few moments about how much of my life is stored on my precious lappy, I went to the store and purchased a new external hard disc drive. I have had no further problems with my hard drive, but I am glad to have the back up in the event I do.

The next step is to get an off-site back up system. This is important because, what happens if my computer and hard drive are stolen, or destroyed?

There is a company called Safesnaps that claims they will never delete your files, and they have a program that auto updates from your computer. The service is under $8 a month. This will get you unlimited storage, but they can also raise the price down the line. Look at the terms and conditions before getting into this one. It could be good.

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  1. I prefer to go with disc media... as in CDs or DVDs. I currently have all my photos and web design projects (and all other documents) on a couple DVDs. This way they are portable and very unlikely to be lost. Even a second harddrive could fail, technically. Like, if you had a power surge, and everything was connected, I suppose it would be possible to lose everything. Discs are more permanent, and as long as they are stored in a safe environment, they should last a long time. If the standards in disc formatting change (like some old CDs aren't readable anymore), I just make sure to copy them to my compy and burn them to whatever the latest and greatest format is. Blah blah blah. If I could afford an external USB2 harddrive, I would probably go that route too, and just connect it when I'm actually in need of reading/writing to it. I wouldn't leave it connected all the time though. But even if I did that, I would still have a disc backup somewhere just to be safe.