Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Canon 5D Review (Does the “D” stand for drool?)

I can't claim to own an actual Digital SLR--yet, but I have been looking at the market for a couple of months now. The Canon 5D looks like an excellent camera.

Frontview-001Digital Photography Review has a very in-depth review of the camera. The camera weighs in at US$3,299 bones, but according to them it lives up to, and maybe past the price expectation. The lens is extra dough.

If money were not an issue I would probably end up with one of these in my own hands, but I would also like to check out Nikon's latest offering.

As an aside, if you are looking into purchasing any form of digital camera, Digital Photography Review is a great place to look at reviews. Very detailed, very informative, and they don't seem to be nearly as slanted as some review sites out there.

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