Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Apple MacBook Pro vs. PC Laptops

With Apple's recent move to Intel processors the company's competition for hardware has exploded. Now that it is easier to compare Apple's laptops to the products of other companies, the price is much more important.

There is an in-depth comparison of the new MacBook Pro to several other high-end laptops at It is done by a person who uses both platforms, and seems well-balanced and informative.

Whether you are interested in switching to Mac OSX, or just curious about the new MacBook Pro, this is a good place to start. It comes with a chart (more accurately: several charts) comparing the new Apple model with other competing brands based on specs.

Here is a quote:
A durable lightweight PC is not cheap to assemble so it obviously isn't cheap to sell. If durability and portability matter to you than [sic] you are probably willing to pay a little more for it. If these characteristics mean nothing to you that is fine – you have tons of choices and none of them will be an Apple.
If you are not interested in the entire article, there is a concluding summary, which does a good job of communicating the author's opinion.

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