Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The B4000

I am the type of guitarist who loves tubes. I love my tubes so much that I would rather heft an eighty pound tube amp than use a five pound digital emulator.

I also love the sound of the Hammond B3 organs. I have often said that I would learn to play keys just so I could play that instrument (the chances are not high, though).

Enough about me though, this is about CreamWare Audio's asb B400. It is a MIDI box that has all kinds of controls for emulating a B3 organ. As the site says: “The real B3TM is about 200 kilograms and sounds marvelous. The ASB is about 198 kilograms less. Sounds marvelous, too.”

There is only one picture, and no sound samples yet, but those are expected soon. No release date, or price yet either, but the “asb” stands for authentic sound box. (where I found this) says that similar boxes in the “asb” line have gone for under a grand–which is also cheaper than an actual B3 by two thirds or so.

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