Friday, January 20, 2006

Fender's 60th Anniversary

0146002355 XlFender is celebrating 60 years this year, so, of course they came out with a few models to mark the occasion. Fortunately for me, they are not all in the “Sunburst” pattern (never liked it, and I am not sure why).

So, if you have the hankerin' for a new Strat, Tele, Jazz Bass, or Precision Bass you are in luck. They are only available until the end of the year (as in December 31, 2006), so make up your mind before then.

I have my 1980's Japanese Strat that I am very happy with, so I don't see myself getting one of these. But one always needs a good back-up axe, then don't they?

One can wish...

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