Saturday, January 14, 2006

Stunning Images

BoingBoing recently ran a story about Roger Waters' soon to be released opera called “Ça Ira.”

This was the first I had hear about the former Pink Floyd member writing an opera, which was fascinating in it own right. However, the pictures that are played along with the opera (a slide show with a chorus singing, as opposed to the traditional opera) in the link provided were absolutely stunning.

The opera is set in the days leading up to the French Revolution, and images from all three acts are on the site (it will take some time to view them all).

It is a large Flash presentation, so if you have dial-up, be forewarned. I still think this is one of those things you should look at, though (I would if I were on dial-up).

Here is the link to the slideshow. The photographer is Mark Holthusen.

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