Monday, January 02, 2006

Blowing The Cap: Americans First to Launch Object Into Space

There is a cool entry called The Nuclear Potato Canon at the Notes From the Technology Underground blog.

It is possible that I find this to be one of the most interesting stories on the 'net just because I am a guy. It is also possible that this is just one of the coolest things ever.

If you don't know what a potato cannon is, its basically a pipe which is stuffed with a potato, then the area behind the potato is filled with a combustible gas of some sort. When this gas is given appropriate stimulation (spark) the energy release causes the potato to move in the general direction which the tube is pointed (usually at very high velocity).

One of the first underground nuclear tests was conducted in a steel well (think: very large pipe, very large amount of combustible). They decided to put a cap on the well (think: 1/2 ton potato).

Given the laws of physics, it is not difficult to imagine this “1/2 ton potato” launching through the various spheres of the earth, and making its way into space.

NFTTU is one of my favorites, click the link above for more info on this.

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